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Own the future of grocery

Innovative Tech Start-Up Seeks Partners

OPIE Drive-Thru Grocery is looking for capital partners to continue our aggressive expansion plans, and we’re looking for the best partners out there!

Over 70 million Americans use a drive-thru every single day. Our innovative approach to on-demand groceries meets time-starved consumers in the drive-thru lane. We provide convenience, spontaneity, and quality groceries with kindness and a friendly spirit.

Steps to Partnership

1. Apply

Complete the application below.

Complete the application below. This first step allows us to get to know you better and ensure you’re well qualified.

2. Discovery

We'll reach out and set up an initial virtual meeting to share more about our process; this is your chance to ask questions.

Then we'll schedule a visit to our flagship store.

3. Site Selection

Being conveniently located is essential. We're particular about our locations.

We work on conversions (existing drive-thru) and new builds.

4. Construction

Congratulations! We've signed a partnership agreement. Each one is unique.

We will work together to convert or build the new store.

Our growth partnership program is a unique opportunity to own a drive-thru grocery station(s). Unlike traditional franchise partnerships, our partners are part-owners of their location(s) and share in profits, but OPIE Grocery Stations, Inc. runs and operates the stores entirely.

The benefits of this arrangement for partners include avoiding all of the headaches and stress that come with running a 24/7 retail grocery operation and access to our exclusive technology, systems, and marketing. OPIE customers benefit because each grocery station runs with the same obsession with customer satisfaction.


  1. Have U.S. citizenship (or permanent residency) and be at least 21 years old.
  2. A minimum of $500,000 of unencumbered liquid assets available to invest in an OPIE’s Grocery Station. (We are willing to work with outside financing.)

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